Saitama is a web 3.0 technology company primarily focused on developing a decentralized finance ecosystem for everyday life. While innovations like blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent a bright future to the democratization of finance, understanding the basic concepts and skills needed can be challenging - not to say risky - to newcomers.

Saitama comes in with a mission to simplify DeFi technology and make it safer for the mainstream user, educating them and adding real life use cases that can make crypto adoption beneficial in their daily lives, such as transferring fiat money between peers and purchasing and selling tokens with debit or credit cards.
 Saitama started as a community token project in June 2021. Led by a team of professionals with solid backgrounds in different areas. Saitama has grown into a multi-market, global business taking its token to an estimated market capitalization of over 7.5 Billion USD in November 2021 during its all time high, which placed it in a position among the Top 40 projects at the time.

From the very beginning, Saitama has set new standards in alt-DeFi projects by fully doxxing our team and registering a company to run the business .

The new SaitaPro mobile and desktop app with its non-custodial wallet, staking, farming and swap functionalities is at the core of Saitama's platform. Using state of the art blockchain technology and multiple security levels, the app also creates a safe environment by guiding users in the concepts of decentralized finance and carefully selecting the projects listed in its decentralized exchange. Designed to support the most popular blockchains, SaitaPro also contains a DApp browser with selected projects and connects users to Saitama's proprietary NFT platform FANG, and upcoming Play 2 Earn games.

Built on a strong and transparent foundation, Saitama harnesses the power of its multicultural community of hundreds of thousands of holders around the globe, which ensures the organic and sustainable growth of the platform through word of mouth and engagement.

The Saitama community has also hosted several initiatives of humanitarian assistance in different parts of the world, providing basic supplies, sanitary health and support in public education to communities in need.